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7 Steps to Building Your Landlord Business Cash Flow

Landlord Business Cash Flow Planning

When you purchased your first income property, you automatically became a small business owner. You became one of the millions who are living the ultimate American dream. One of the millions who have the willingness to work, the willingness to invest their money, the willingness to seek knowledge, you have the desire to accomplish something […]

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Security Deposits By State

Security Deposit

The following state list shows the amount of time a landlord has to return a tenant’s security deposit after the tenant leaves. It also shows the amount that can be collected for a security deposit. More specific details on your state’s procedures for returning security deposits can be found in your state’s landlord-tenant statutes or […]

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3 Factors for Consideration in Deciding Whether or Not to Manage Your Property

Management-Landlord handing over keys.

An important decision you have to make as a property owner, is how involved you actually want to be. The first factor that comes into play is your attitude towards your investment. Perhaps you have the time, but absolutely do not want to talk to any of your tenants or even help with the problems […]

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Notice Requirements for Entry into a Rental Property

Entering a Door

We get a lot of questions about when a landlord can enter a rental property. The simplest answer is that each state may have guidelines governing when a landlord can enter into a rental property. Entry laws vary widely including the amount of advanced notice required and type of documentation that is required of landlords […]

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Zero Tolerance Policy

Landlord Tenant Laws

So you’re a landlord? Or are you thinking about becoming one. Let me tell you – it isn’t easy! You’re probably sinking in your chair right about now thinking, “I’m not even two sentences into the article, and already I’m nervous.” Don’t be. We here at LandlordAssociation.Org believe in giving you the truth – nothing […]

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The Truth About Bank Foreclosures

Foreclosure For Sale Sold

Investors usually want to buy properties directly from the bank. You will never hear of requests to make purchases directly from mortgage companies, savings and loans, or credit unions. Bank owned properties are extremely popular since it’s the bank you are borrowing the money from in the first place. In actuality, the title to your […]

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Various Aspects of Being a Landlord

Early Beginnings of the Landlord Origins of the landlord-tenant relationship can be traced back the tenth and eleventh centuries. The political and military systems which were popular during the Middle Ages were known as seignorialism and feudalism. Seignorialism, also known in England as manorialism, developed in the fifth century as a political, economic, and social […]

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How to Report Tenant Rent to Help Tenants Build Good Credit

Positive credit history can now be reported by landlords.

We, at LandlordAssociation.Org, are always looking for ways to help landlords get and keep good tenants. We are excited to announce that we recently discovered a service that both landlords and tenants have been asking about for years . . . a way to positively report on-time tenant rent payments so tenants can build positive […]

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Finding A Good Handy Person

HandyPerson image

All right everyone, let’s make this politically correct.  Most in this trade are men.  But, LandlordAssociation.Org knows some really good women who do a great job fixing up problems around real estate.  The issue is to find someone in your market and create a good working relationship. WHY? We talked to a part-time landlord last […]

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“Landlords From Hell”

Landlord Tenant Laws

This is not one of the landlord stories we want to see in the news! We all know there are bad tenants, but there are far more respectable and legal methods for getting rid of troublesome tenants. We Believe Every Landlord Should Know Their Rights and Responsibilities As A Landlord The best advice we can […]

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