Landlords’ and Real Estate Investors’ Dictionary

Landlords’ and Real Estate Investors’ Dictionary is now available in two formats.

  • For association members, the dictionary may be read online in its entirety at no additional charge.
  • Non-members and members alike can download the entire dictionary in a 245 page eBook in PDF format. Perfect for printing or using on your eBook reader.

Landlords’ and Real Estate Investors’ Dictionary is a glossary of over 2,700 terms and easy to understand definitions. It’s an extremely valuable tool for anyone involved with real estate: Landlords, Investors, Real Estate Agents and the Financial Community.

The world of real estate investment presents a constant challenge.

Knowing your market, renovation techniques, banking, the ever changing tax laws, and your local laws and regulations can be an ongoing burden.

The vocabulary of the real estate community has always been complicated. It not only consists of a glossary of terms dealing in real estate purchase, but also management, legal, insurance, and financial jargon. Often the glossary can be confusing and complex.

LandlordAssociation.Org has developed this lexicon of real estate, financial, legal and insurance terms as part of our service to those involved in real estate investing throughout the United States.

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