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If you are a landlord, real estate investor, property owner, or property manager, or thinking about becoming one in the United States of America, then LandlordAssociation.Org is your number one stop for free help, free newsletter, free moderated discussion group, landlord and real estate news, information, and forms, landlord tenant laws for all 50 states, lead paint hazard law and disclosure information, real estate terminology dictionaries, techniques, advice, real estate management tools and software, as well as networking with fellow landlords and other real estate professionals.

Our goal is to provide you with the information, knowledge and resources one needs to succeed, such as news, tips, tricks, great advice and top-of-the-line services. To start, we offer articles on knowing your rights (and responsibilities) as a Landlord, choosing good tenants, lead based paint requirements, mold along with many other timely and pertinent articles.

We are a web-based organization geared toward providing landlords and property managers nationwide what they need to succeed. Our goal is to provide you a “Landlord Tool Box”, that is in effect a source of knowledge and experience gathered by us and put in one spot for you to open time and time again as needed. The primary objective of our site is to pull together connections to services and resources that can help a landlord, real estate investor, property owner, or property manager make or save thousands of dollars each year. We have gathered them here, together in one place, so they are at your fingertips.

All of the services and resources we offer are provided and paid for over the Internet. Some services, such as tenant credit and background checks as well as electronic rent collection and some forms, are provided for our members through working relationships with partnering companies that we have personally spoken with and feel are reputable. Whenever possible, we have negotiated discounts for our members when making purchases from our business partners. When exact fees are known, we list them in the service description area of our Member Services page.

If at any time you are not 100% satisfied with our products, we will refund your membership fee to our site within the first 30 days of payment.

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