Tenant Screening Services

Before you rent, it’s important to know who will be occupying your property. We highly recommend that all landlords conduct a thorough background screening of perspective tenants. It is a well know fact among landlords and property managers that reliable tenant screening can save trouble and money in the long run.

Some services, such as tenant credit and tenant background checks are provided for our members through working relationships with other companies that we have personally spoken with and feel are long-lasting, offer valuable services and are reputable. Whenever possible, we have negotiated discounts for our members.

You don’t need to purchase a paid membership to our website to benefit from the tenant screening services described later on this page. You will, however, have to sign-up for and pay for the tenant screening and background checks you wish to obtain.

Become a Registered Member with us and proceed to the next step to learn more about what tenant screening services are available through our website.

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