A Collection of Laws and Legislation

Legal disputes are an inevitable event between landlords and tenants in the landlording business. Landlord Association.Org feels it is essential that you know and understand your responsibilities and legal rights as a landlord before taking any landlord-tenant issue(s) to the next step. Landlord Association.Org also feels it is vital that you know and understand your tenant’s responsibilities and legal rights as well. There are very strict guidelines, procedures and time-frames which must be followed in order to be successful. Landlord Association.Org strongly encourages every landlord to seek the legal counsel of a qualified attorney before starting any legal action(s).

Landlord Tenant Laws and Statutes, Executive Orders, Hazard Control Resources
Lease Termination Notice Requirements
Security Deposits By State
Timelines for Returning Security Deposits
Notice Requirements for Entry into a Rental Property
Americans with Disabilities and The Fair Housing Act

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