Leasing, Rental and Tenant Screening Forms

LandlordAssociation.Org has prepared rental documents that will assist our members in managing their rental properties. The following documents are available in Rich Text Format (RTF) or Adobe (PDF) for downloading.

WARNING: These forms were created as guides for your use. They may contain some provisions which you may desire to modify to comply with the laws of your rental location. Remember, you should use these forms as a guide. Please, modify them to suit your needs.

Leasing, Rental and Tenant Screening Forms:

  1. Rental Application-Tenant Screening
  2. Acceptance Letter
  3. Letter of Denial
  4. Rental Agreement Lease
  5. Amendment to Rental Agreement
  6. Co-Signer Agreement
  7. Property Inspection Condition Report
  8. Pet Agreement
  9. Notice of Overdue Rent
  10. Notice to Pay or Vacate
  11. Notice to Vacate
  12. Remove Pet Warning or Vacate
  13. Statement of Security Deposit Settlement
  14. A Sublease Document – (coming)
  15. Returned Check Notice – (coming)

Lead Hazard Control Documents:

  1. Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards – (keep a signed copy attached to your tenant’s lease)
  2. Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home (Adobe PDF) – (give every new tenant a copy of this booklet before they move in)

10% Discount Available for Our Members through USLegalForms.Com:

  • All types of state specific landlord and tenant forms are available at a discount to our members from USLegalForms.Com for Commercial or Residential use. Forms include lease applications, lease termination notices, and much more. They are downloadable in Microsoft Word format. All forms are professionally drafted specifically to meet State requirements.

* Our in-house forms are available to paid members at no additional charge.

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