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Issues around tenant screening, credit and other background checks.

Landlords Can Report Tenants’ On-Time Rental Payments to The Credit Bureau

Positive credit history can now be reported by landlords.

We have been receiving increased requests from landlords asking how they can report on-time rental payments to credit bureaus to help their tenants improve their credit histories. We have recently found the answer.

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5 Steps in Choosing A Good Tenant

5 Steps in Choosing a Good Tenant

Here are five easy steps to follow in choosing a good tenant. Step 1: The first step in selecting a good tenant is to have all prospective tenants complete a rental application which collects information for the past three to five years. In addition to gathering information on employment, income, rental history, and references, the […]

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7 Steps to Building Your Landlord Business Cash Flow

Landlord Business Cash Flow Planning

When you purchased your first income property, you automatically became a small business owner. You became one of the millions who are living the ultimate American dream. One of the millions who have the willingness to work, the willingness to invest their money, the willingness to seek knowledge, you have the desire to accomplish something […]

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Tenant Screening

5 Steps in Choosing a Good Tenant

In today’s mobile society, it is important to know who is occupying your rental properties. Occupants come and go, and they frequently offer far too little information about themselves, their past and present employment, and credit history. All landlords and property managers know that reliable tenant screening can save them trouble and money.

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