Discuss rent increases with your tenants. Include regular rent increase information in your rental agreement.

Raising The Rent

Landlords are in the rental business to make money, not enemies of their tenants. Rent increases are a foreseeable aspect of every landlord-tenant relationship. Landlords know all too well that financially sound, long-term tenants are the most desirable tenants because they are lower-maintenance and cost less and are less time consuming than having to seek […]

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Policeman and Fireman. Landlords learn about nuisance calls.

Registry Informs Landlords About Nuisance Calls to Property

In Rockford, IL, there’s a new system just put in in place that contacts landlords by email whenever the police or fire department is called out to a rental property for an issue other than domestic violence. Landlords are required to register with the online database or be fined. The hope is that by informing […]

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Hazardous Waste Clean-Up. Landlords may need to report toxins found in their units.

Are Landlords Obligated to Disclose Contaminated Property?

With the television series, Breaking Bad, we have learned that meth labs can be set up virtually anywhere, anytime, by anyone, but are most commonly found in rentals. The question is, once discovered and cleaned up properly, does a landlord need to disclose to new renters or property buyers that a meth lab or other […]

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Utility Bills - Who's Responsibility Is It? Landlord or Tenant?

Utilities: Who’s Responsibility Is It? Landlord or Tenant?

When it comes to the utilities, who’s responsibility is it; the landlord‘s or the tenant‘s? LandlordAssociation.Org has seen this question come up more than once or twice over the past decade or so. Problems often arise when there’s no clear policy, ordinance or legislation which decisively states who is responsible for the utilities and under […]

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Death in the Rental Unit

Website Tells Who Died in A Home

Have you or your tenants ever wondered if anyone has died in your home or apartment? Well, we just read an article about a website called DiedInHouse.com which was conceived by landlord, Roy Condrey, after his tenant complained to him that his rental apartment was haunted. Condrey could find little information online as to whether […]

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