Ohio – Rhode Island


ACRE of Pittsburgh, Inc.

Contact Name : Jeff Kasmer
Contact Phone : 888-4AC-RE40
When : 1st Tuesday of the month, , 07:00:PM
Where : Greentree Radisson, Greentree, PA

Diversified Real Estate (DIG)

Contact Name : Elaine
Contact Phone : 215-712-2525
When : Last Thursday of every month,, 06:45:PM
Where : LuLu Shriners Temple, Plymouth

Western PA Real Estate Investors Association

Contact Name : Jean Yevick
Contact Phone : 412-381-5677
When : 3rd Tuesday of every month, 07:00:PM
Where : Radisson Greentree, Pittsburgh

Indiana County Rental Association

Contact Name : Joseph Girolami
Contact Phone : 724-349-6321
When : 3rd Monday of every month,, 07:00:PM
Where : Eat-N-Park, Indiana

Delco Property Investors Association

Contact Name : Reha London
Contact Phone : 610-490-1934
When : 2nd Tuesday of every month, 06:15:PM
Where : Ramada Inn, Essington

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